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Boss Venture Info

BossVenture Global Limited is a company that is registered in Samoa Islands situated in Central Pacific. BossVenture operates and runs a unique business concept that is specially created and developed by our own professional IT and Business Development Team who have vast experiences in Internet Technology, Network Marketing Strategies and Global Corporate Consultancy.

boss venture

We are managed by a group of corporate business and legal advisors to ensure that our business platform runs according to local country laws accordingly. We create, innovate and incorporate new or existing business ideas to position our business concept to be appealing and highly accepted by the current global business environment via the worldwide web.

Boss Venture Mission

“To Lead, To Serve and To Prosper Together towards achieving TIME & FINANCIAL FREEDOM for ALL!”

Boss Venture Vission

“To be a leading Company that brings together a community of BOSSES that works together for GLOBAL SUCCESS!”

Blue Ocean Success Strategies

The Internet based industries has grown by leaps and bounds over the past 3 decades, practically flooding the world with billions of websites for everyone to share, promote and market their ideas, products and services. This situation has resulted in mass information tsunami on the people of the world, making the worldwide virtual platform less appealing for new business penetration and expansion. New business ideas that are not unique in any way will find it very hard to get their share of the market via the worldwide web platform, therefore making it very hard for them to survive.

BossVenture conceptualize the Blue Ocean Success Strategies by implementing the 3 Hi-Strategies to penetrate into the challenging worldwide web of information penetration. They are:

1. Hi-Tech Strategy

This strategy capitalize on our unique 'Peek-to-Save' shopping concept that is practically one-of-its-kind in the world of internet shopping today. We are the originator, the creator and the only one in the world with this shopping concept. Todate, we are still the only ONE.

However, to penetrate and create an awareness of our unique concept in order to capture our share of the vast potential market, we created the 2nd Hi-Strategy as elaborated below.

2. Hi-Touch Strategy

Word-of-mouth advertising has been and always been the most powerful of all advertising and promotion activity. Media advertising might create awareness and branding but word-of-mouth advertising enhances acceptance and loyalty for any brand. Human by instinct are emotionally decisive and will always preferred to be invited, encouraged or advised by close friends, relatives or loved ones to complete that emotional decisions in life.

Yet to motivate the urge and desires of word-of-mouth advertising in all human, we incorporated the 3rd powerful Hi-Strategy.

3. Hi-Incentives

Money is not the only thing in the world and we sincerely agree to that. However in this realistic world, money does make things easier for everyone who has their dreams to fulfill for themselves, their loved ones and even to their community! BossVenture provides an opportunity with this 3rd Hi-Strategy for anyone who is willing to put in their effort to build a unique business that will help any individual to acquire the most COMPLETE FORM of SUCCESS - in terms of TIME & FINANCIAL FREEDOM for their own achievement or for their loved ones!

Our Two Unique 1st Business Concept

We are the Creator and Originator of two of the worlds’ first Internet Shopping Technology and Netchaising Programs utilizing the Blue Ocean Success Strategies (BOSS) through the strengthening of shared success using team work effort.

1. World's First 'Peek-to-Save' shopping concept.......with UP TO 100% Discounts!

We are the creator of this unique shopping concept where a VIP Shopper (specially invited shopper by our Resellers)register for a FREE shopping account with us and can practically 'shop' for better discounts of UPTO 100% on selected products of their choice. This unique shopping concept practically transform boring conventional shopping over the internet into an exciting activity of discounts!

In this shopping concept, a product will be displayed for sale with a predetermined possible range of discounts. These range of discounts are 'hidden' behind 50 Peek Stickers where the VIP Shopper can then "peek" on any of the stickers of their choice to reveal the discounts given for the product. The VIP Shopper will then be given the time frame of 20 seconds to decide whether to buy or reject this offer. Once the 20 seconds time frame is up, the whole system will be refreshed to allow for another round of discounts. The VIP Shopper can have unlimited 'peek' for higher discounts, however, the VIP Shopper must have pre-purchased "Peek Credits" to peek for these discounts offer. For each 'peek', 1% calculated from the Selling Price of the chosen peek product will be deducted from the available "Peek Credits" in the VIP Shopper's account. Click here for DEMO

Peek Credits can be bought through the Company or through our registered Reseller Licensees.

We offer this unique shopping platform to interested independent countries as a Franchise operating under our domain where we provide the full standard operational setup, management and consultancy services and support to interested franchisee parties. Currently we are running two Franchisees in Malaysia and Indonesia respectively. If you are keen to work with us as a Franchisee for your country, feel free to drop us an enquiry at

2. World's First Netchaising Program using Global Daily Sales Revenue Sharing Concept

We are also the creator of this unique business team-working concept where an interested entrepreneur keen on the Internet based business can actually 'buy' a Reseller license from to 'own' and 'share' in the daily sales performances of the platform and the daily sales of all Peek Credits globally. All an interested internet entrepreneur needs to do is just to 'buy' BossVenture's Business Franchise as a Reseller for a one-time fee of BV$250. This low ‘start up’ fee will automatically entitles the registered Reseller to enjoy and share in the Global Daily Sales Revenue Sharing Concept as predetermined by BossVenture in their Compensation Plan module.

For detailed Compensation Plan information, please visit our website at here or click

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