Kamis, 17 April 2014

About Pulau Pari

pulau pari is one of the villages in the district of South Thousand Islands, Thousand Islands District, Jakarta, Indonesia. The island is in the middle of the group of islands that line from south to north Jakarta waters. With white sandy beaches and clear water greenish, pulau pari became one of the attractions in the Thousand Islands.

Three objects that became the mainstay of pulau pari is Virgin Beach, Pier Hill Sun, Sand Beach and crackle. All three are managed by the community. Revenue from tourism businesses are managed for the development of infrastructure and tourist facilities, cleanliness and maintenance, and financing of social activities.

In addition to views of white sandy beaches and clear water, visitors are offered a package around the island of Pari village by bicycle, diving in shallow water (snorkel), as well as exploring the waters edge with a boat or ship quickly. The entire package tour organized by the community as providers of services, ranging from tool rental services, guides and lodging

With the speedboats, pulau seribu can be taken 1-1.5 hours from Marina Ancol Pier or from the Port of Kaliadem in Muara Angke, North Jakarta. The island is relatively close to the island of hair, Lancang, Tidung, and Scout Island at the center of the Thousand Islands regency administration. Of some of the island, Pari can be reached in less than 30 minutes. Pari become one layover point fast ships owned public transport Jakarta Transportation Agency serving the route Muara Angke-Thousand Islands twice a day.

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