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Bidadi Island in Pulau Seribu

Angel Island is one of the resorts in the Pulau Seribu District, Jakarta. Before being named Angel Island, the island has two names, namely Island Hospital and Purmerend Island.
The trip to this resort does not take a long time because it is adjacent to the mainland Jakarta. From the dock marina Ancol Dreamland, the journey to resort to this only takes half an hour by fast boat (speedboat) owned by the management of the island. Because close to Jakarta, visitors who come to this resort there that use a jetski.
In one day there are at least two to three times the ship's departure from Marina Ancol pier and from the island. Scheduled departure of the ship, at most on Saturday while on a normal day, the scheduled departure of the ship only twice, ie to 08.00 am and 10.00 am.
In the 17th century , the island is a supporting activity Onrust Island because it was not far away with it . Paket wisata pulau seribu Due to be supporting , in this island also built supporting facilities . In 1679 , the VOC built a hospital for leprosy or leprosy which is moving from Angke . Because of that , the island was called Island Hospital .
At the same time , the Dutch established a fort supervisor . This fortress built function more as a means to conduct oversight of defense from enemy attack . Before the island was occupied by the Dutch , and the Dutch Ambonese ever lived on this island .
Around the year 1800, the United Kingdom 's fleet attacked the island and destroyed the building on top of the island . Around the year 1803 the Dutch regained control of Angel Island and rebuild . However, the British again attacked in 1806 , Onrust Island and Angel Island and other islands fall apart . In 1827 the island was re- built by the Dutch with the involvement of the Chinese workers and prisoners . The building was built to serve Hajj dormitory in 1933 .
This island before becoming a resort was empty and uninhabited until 1970. Fact never visited this island people . In the early 1970s , PT Seabreez manage this island to serve as a tourist resort .
Since the 1970 's , to attract visitors , the island was renamed Angel Island . The reason taking its name from the name of Angel Island inspired other islands in the Thousand Islands as the Island Princess , Island Nirvana , and pulau pari

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